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Capturing Professional Learning

Connections Meetings

Connections Groups are working together to explore the question: How are we empowering students to be literate and numerate?

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Story Workshop

with Teresa GAllo & michelle strasser

Story Workshop explores the intersection between literacy and the arts. Participants in this session will learn about the five main components of Story Workshop: Preparation, Provocation, Invitation & Negotiation, Creation, & Story Congress.
We will focus on how Story Workshop encourages an 
inclusive classroom environment and improves writing. Participants will do some hands-on story creating and will reflect on how incorporating Story Workshop could benefit all of our students.


Teaching Through Problem-Solving

Carole's sessions will demonstrate how to structure lessons around open-ended tasks, to engage students in mathematical conversation and modelling, and to design meaningful practice opportunities to allow for consolidation of critical math concepts.

with carole fullerton

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