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Idifenou connection teacher lead in every school

Academic support in class only

Assist take all

Cultural take all

Provide Social emotional support provided by idegenous support worker

Provide advocacy 

Liaison support to strengthen home school relationship

Provide experiences for all students with our knowledge keepers

1 idigenous connections teacher in every school, 1 indegenous support, 1 principal lead in every school

  • Academic support – in class; one-on-one

  • Assist school based educators serving secondary Indigenous students

  • Cultural support – encourage the inclusion of Indigenous culture in classrooms and school; support in the delivery of BC First Nations Studies 11/12 and English First Peoples.

  • Social emotional support – provides strategies or refers as necessary

  • Provide advocacy for Indigenous students and their needs

  • Liaison support- work with parents to strengthen the home-school team

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