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SHSS Collaboration Week

SHSS put together a week of collaboration and project based learning involving all students from grade 8 and 9 early in January.  Students could choose between 4 offerings in which they would work in groups of 2 to 4 to complete the challenges.  These projects ranged from hands on skills to digital fabrication and allowed students to experience pursuing their individual interests as well as  balancing the needs of a larger group.  Below is a slideshow of the week in action as well as a video of some of the students projects.  Check out the offerings below, click on the title to view examples.


3D Design Challenge  1

U design project. Have you ever dreamed of a new school? Tired of the old one? Well, it will probably not happen in your lifetime. BUT… How can we make our current space better? What are the types of spaces that Stanley Humphries is missing? What can you create and propose to the school board to make your learning better? An outdoor learning space? A technology shop? A better library? A student lounge? A teenage-friendly playground? Using TinkerCad you will be able to create and showcase your new space. 


Escape Room Challenge                                

You and your team will create an escape room.  Students will brainstorm a theme to the escape room, research and create cool problems and spend a week planning and “building” the room.  Once it is complete, parents and other students will have a chance to solve all of the problems, puzzles and clues and “escape” the room. This will be a fun way to learn and share our learning with everyone.

Inquiry Project 

Do you love learning? Want to learn more about a topic? Perhaps, you want to make a difference in the world? Always wanted to learn a new painting style? Spend a week delving deeper into the learning you WANT to do. Turn your learning into something awesome! Showcase your thinking and your learning in a creative way!


Rube Goldberg 

Simple machines, simple machines, simple machines! Want to pop a balloon in the most complex way possible? Can you turn on a light without touching the light switch? Do you still love playing with your marble run? Let’s spend some time getting to know Rube Goldberg and his awesome inventions. Then… build your own!


News Video

Students will research a social issue (vaping, distracted driving, online bullying etc.) and develop a short news report style video about it. They will have to research from reputable sources, develop a storyboard and script, and edit a short video under 5 minutes in length. 

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